Fast Reverse

by Orange Blossom Flyover

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ongoing album, Work in Progress, developing, evolving, continuous movement, Lucid they do become, Storiella as she is sung

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released August 9, 2010

Ryan Scally



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Orange Blossom Flyover Massachusetts

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Track Name: Hearsay in Paradox Lust
In search of lost time, you're like the moment I can't find / Don't be a season unoccured / without your tilt I can't observe / When you're noon I'm midnight / when I'm doomed you're alright / in search of lost time, you're like the moment I can't find
Track Name: Someone Like You
Just shy of hope / reluctant I suppose / by this time tomorrow I better find someone like you / there are surely other worlds of wild color / glaring hours in effect overflowing out the towers / after the lapse immovable from nerves with what you have endured / proof-toned-frozen-bones / modern minds beware the stature of the gather / and she knew all of this upon my certainty / steal the light from another day / it's better than the current clouds of your now with no value / to be sure of course you'll need coincidence / it's something strange but altogether the same you know / never shy of hope / I'm giving it the go / by this time tomorrow I'm gonna find someone like you
Track Name: Vicarious Room of Gold feat. Gracie Jackson
Why did you let go of my feeling?
I'll wait another day for that something
you put me in a daze, now I'm loving
whenever I stop by you go running away, away

You'd think I'd have a clue what to do what it is you want...

Say now, my spirit's down, who's at fault?
I'm left in the dark with the lamplight off
Another second to adjust to fading trust
It's never enough, never enough

Throw me in the wind with the howls
Turbulent withdrawals of arrival
Disinteresting dissolve of your notions
and temporary trials of unnoticed threats of loneliness

If I had a vision of your source
An angelheaded woman at my door
Hook the nearsighting of your form
Awoken from the phase in her game, blink, and now she's gone